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...We are not a GLUM LOT! Doug and Charles will attempt to help you have some fun during your search for serenity in sobriety. While looking at and answering different historical questions about our fellowships past, you just might learn something that will help make your sobriety that much more precious...WE DID!

   "Whenever a civilization or society perishes,
          there is ALWAYS one condition present.
              They forgot where they came from."
                                          Carl Sandburg

Now, Have Some Fun!

(A) Get a Sponsor (B) Call Your Sponsor (C) Go to Meetings (D) Work the STEPS in the Big Book

Read the BIG Book

Why Did They Nickname Our Basic Text "The Big Book"?

What did H A L T stand for at St Thomas Hospital in 1941? Click for Answer

Before We Had Cassette Tapes,
.....How Could We Listen To Speakers At Home?
Click here for the Answer

Which One of Our Co-Founders Had a Dog Named R O G E R? Click Here

What the Heck are THESE Things?
Clarence_Chip Poker_Chip Iggys_Chip
(Click a Picture for a Closeup)

Early AA I.D. Badges Used to Get Into "Secret Meetings"

Early Sobriety "Chips"

"Good For" One Free Drink Tokens

What was THIS Token used for?
1980 chip

To Throw at Mardi Gras

To Commemorate the 1980 Convention in New Orleans

Both of the Above

What is the Origin of our Serenity Prayer?
Click Here to find out

Alcoholics Anonymous Gave The One Millionth Copy of the Big Book to Who:

Elvis Presley or was it W.C. Fields or was it Richard Nixon

The 70th Anniversary of AA Will Be Celebrated in What City in 2005?

Atlanta,GA or is it San Antonio,TX or is it Toronto,Canada or is it St Louis,MO

The 75th Anniversary of AA Will Be Celebrated in What City in 2010?

San Antonio, TX or is it Indianapolis, IN or is it Montreal,Canada or is it Detroit,MI

How Many Recovering Alcoholics Showed Up In Minneapolis For The Convention In 2000?
Click the book to find out!

Which Co-Founder Had Tattoos?
Bill?.......or......Dr Bob?
Bill W. Bob S.
(click on the picture of your choice)

Our Fellowships Future Hung in the Balance HERE on May 11th, 1935.
Where is HERE?
Click for larger picture

Lounge At the Diamond Grille Bar?

Lobby of the Mayflower Hotel?

What Was Dr Bobs Phone Number in 1941? "I Give Up!"

Climb Into The Trash Can In the Can Again! To See What It Used To Be Like!
(click the can for the BAR CAM)

Dr Bob Was AA's Leading Advocate of Telephone Therapy
His Phone Number In 1941 Was "U N 2 4 3 6"

Bob's Phone
(click the phone to return)

click here

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