Happy Birthday Esther C.! 94 years old on May 26, 2003!
Esther C. Esther C.

Thanks for helping build Esthers 60th Anniversary Quilt!

As promised, here's the quilt UPDATE page...Doug B.

Now you can see what ALL the 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" squares look like.

A little closer look...of 1000+ squares...

The fabric squares are made into what is called a 4 patch block. This is just 150 of the 4X squares that will be made up.

This is most of the signature blocks. The total of blocks is now unclear as we have lost count, though some will not be signed so the last signatures can be collected at the Archives Workshop in September. All of these blocks still need to be trimmed to the size they will be to fit into the quilt.

I took the time this morning to make up the one sample block of Esther's quilt so you can see how the pattern works. I will be making these blocks up and then will attach them to make the quilt. It will take 72 of these to make the quilt top.

This is a patchwork pattern. That's what it's called in the quilting world. I thought it was a good pattern to use for her quilt since there are so many types of people in AA. Below is a favorite poem I thought I'd share with you that you may have seen up on my web site. It really kind of says it all for me for this quilt.

The Patchwork of Life

How much like a patchwork quilt we are;
Some of us are bright and gay,
Some are quieter, more delicate and subdued.

Yet how well we blend together,
The quieter ones set off the colorful.
The brighter ones accentuate the pastels.
v Often, the more fragile pieces
Hold the sturdy ones together;
Blessed are we to be varied.

All of us are stitched with love,
and tied to one another.

Author Unknown

Ready to trim to the final size.

Each signature block paper is removed then trimmed to 4 1/2 inches square.

And this is what a "six pack" of squares looks like!

And this is what a "forty-eight pack" of squares looks like!

And here, it's 75% complete...well 75% of the FRONT is almost done anyway...

Just a few more rows to sew before it goes out to machine quilting...

The final sewing of the blocks, before it goes for machine quilting...

READY for the FINAL machine quilting...John is not a small man either!

The Quilt here is in the FINAL stage...many days away,
but now it's DAYS and not WEEKS away from completion.

One of the final touches...putting on the binding around the edge of the quilt.

Now the binding is in place and "label" has been attached
to the back to name and mark the quilt.

Here is a close up of the label. The name of the quilt is:
"Happy 60th AA Anniversary From All of Us"

And here, at last, we present the finished quilt! It is huge. And in the time it has taken to produce it, it is already becoming a piece of "AA History", and YOU are a living part of it. Words are not exciting enough to thank the selfless individuals that helped pass the word on this gift and collect the many "finger prints" that make this simple cloth come alive. Thank You.

It's September 25, 2003 and we are all finally in the hotel together. Esther was the first to arrive! The quilt was a little late as the plane was the last one in. We went upstairs to the Convention Hospitality Suite and presented her the quilt. On hand was a man who started alcoholism treatment programs in all of the branches of Armed Services, Bill S. with 55 years of sobriety. Peny reads Esther the "label" on the quilt and then the dam breaks.

Here, with her daughter who was 16 years old when Esther got sober, the magnatude of the names from around the globe begins to sink in. And sink in. And sink in...

Finally... Esther was overwhelmed to say the least. The quilt is so large compared to her tiny frame that it will gobble her up when she wraps it around her...but with all of your efforts, this is probably the "warmest quilt" on the planet. Thank You.

...THANKS A BUNCH to everyone involved and to those who were not able to make it to Ft Lauderdale, believe me when I say this:

"you were there".

Peny D.

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